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Property Information & Photos

A Little History

Property Profile was originally designed to create continuity between the Corporate Office and the properties. As a Corporate Safety Director, I work closely with most of the corporate departments and I also inspect every area of every property and interact with the property staff.


This position gave me a unique perspective and allowed me to see the misinformation and frustration from both perspectives. Property managers would voice their frustrations to me about various corporate departments calling them and asking for the same information all the time.

I realized that there was a lot of confusion and disconnection between what the Corporate Office thought about their property’s equipment, systems, and services and what was actually at the properties. This is when and why Property Profile was born in 2008.



Property Profile provides a central location where corporate teams, regional teams, and property teams can access and share current property information, documents, and photos. Property Profile is full of information, photos and details of many areas of a property.

Someone in the company is always needing some type of property information and Property Profile makes this information available at their fingertips. All information, photos and documents can be accessed at anytime on any mobile device.

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