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Inspections Management

Go Paperless Inspections

Inspections are a crucial part of maintaining the properties and providing a safe environment for the residents and employees. Inspections are only effective if they do more than take up space in a file cabinet. Managing the different types of inspections can be difficult and very time consuming. I know, I have conducted over a thousand property inspections. I have saved so much time using the inspection solutions in Property Profile. Once I have submitted the inspection as final, I am done, Property Profile’s inspection management solutions will do the rest.

Our inspection solutions make conducting and documenting the inspection easy. Conducting the inspection is simple, just conduct the inspection on a mobile device using our user friendly smart inspection forms and submit the inspection as final. Property Profile will handle the notifications and the follow up. No documents to file or keep track of and no numerous follow up emails.

Inspections Management

Inspections that end up in a file cabinet are not useful and actually become a liability if they get subpoenaed. If actions are not taken on items that were identified in an inspection then the time spent conducting the inspection was wasted.

Our inspection solutions make it simple to manage the inspection and ensure that actions are taken on items identified during an inspection. Once and inspection is submitted as final the property will receive an alert that an inspection has been submitted and is ready to be managed. Our inspections management smart forms make it simple to manage the inspection items. Each inspection and every item must be managed to its completion. Inspections are never lost and never forgotten.


Inspection Management & Service Request

Our inspection management solutions are fully integrated with our service request solutions.

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