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Event Reporting & Management

Event Reporting

Our event reporting smart forms make it simple for property staff to report events. Our smart forms were designed from a user’s perspective with various levels of computer experience. When an event occurs, you don’t want the user to be confused by a complicated reporting system or no system at all. 

Notifications & Alerts

When an event occurs, property staff may not be confident about who at the company should be notified of a particular type of event. It is critical to provide direction and support to the property staff when an event or emergency occurs. Our event reporting solutions take care of this by ensuring the designated personnel and departments are immediately notified.

Event Management

Managing events is crucial to reducing exposure to residents, employees, and company assets. The first step in reducing exposure is alerting the designated personnel and departments and then managing the event. Our event management solutions make it simple to manage events efficiently.

Events don't make appointments, they just happen! Our event management solutions allow your designated personnel and event management teams to immediately start managing the event on any electronic device. Management response to events and emergencies will help limit property damage and reduce injuries, liability, and legal costs.

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