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Honesty & Integrity

The foundation of a lasting and profitable business relationship is honesty and integrity. We believe that these values are critical to our success and longevity. We feel that there is no solution that can be obtained without honesty. We will never charge our customers hidden or undisclosed charges, as well as never over complicate or inflate the complexity by using technical programming language to inflate charges. When there are updates or upgrades for solutions available to a client, we will add the updates or upgrades at no charge.

Solution Effectiveness

The most important values of a solution is that the solution works, is reliable, stable and secure. Our solutions are designed for the user experience and are tested by users to ensure that it’s simple to use and achieves the desired results. We will not release an update or a new solution until it has been thoroughly tested by actual users. Programmers are good at testing code, however, they are usually not suited for testing a user’s experience or identifying possible user frustrations. Our goal is for our clients to tell us that the solution is exactly what they need and works exactly the way that they want. We will not stop working on a solution until the client is happy.

Our Core Values

Core Values

User Experience

Our property management solutions were not designed from one point of view. Your business has objectives that must be met and are key to the success of a software solution. It is also extremely important that users can understand and use the software effectively. Every user’s perspectives were considered during the development of our solutions. We feel that it is very important that the solutions are presented to the user in a simple to understand and use method. If the software is confusing or complicated, the user will get frustrated and will make mistakes which will impact the effectiveness of the solution. Our goal has always been to keep our solutions easy to understand and simple to use.


Customer Service

As a customer, there is nothing worse than needing help and not being able to get it or the person trying to help you does not understand the issue or how the solution works. We will not put you on hold for thirty minutes, you will not have to dial a bunch of numbers for an automated voice machine. We all know we want to talk to a person who can understand the problem and offer us a solution. We have help request built in our solutions that are managed and tracked. If you want to talk to a person, you call our customer service number, leave a message and a live person will call you back as soon as possible. We do not want our clients to ever be frustrated.

Build & Maintain Relationships
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