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Property Profile Reports

Reports Solution

Our reports are fully functional on mobile devices and were designed to provide useful property information and data that will allow your teams to identify compliance issues, opportunities, analyze trends and areas where development of prevention programs are needed.


Our reports are easy to read, understand, interactive, and contain numerous parameter options to customize reports. All web reports can be printed, emailed and exported to several different formats directly from the web report. Property Profile has many reports, too many to list on this page, I will review a few of the reports and their advantages...

Property General Information

There is a high demand for property general information portfolio reports. Corporate departments often request these types of reports for a variety of reasons. Property Profile has numerous property general information portfolio reports.

Critical Systems

Easily access the details and status of critical systems. Corporate departments with the responsibility to oversee or assist with the service and maintenance of critical systems rely heavily on these reports.


Easily access equipment summary and equipment specific reports at the property level or portfolio level.


Easily access inspection reports and pending items reports. Review which properties are not completing required inspections or have open pending items.

Scheduled Services

Quickly view what scheduled services are coming up or past due on property level or portfolio level. Ensure that things are getting done!

Events & Investigations

Easily access event and investigation reports. Analytical reports will help identify trends, develop prevention plans, and focused action plans. Monthly, quarterly, and annual statistical reports are available

Many More...

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