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Service Request Management

Go Paperless Service Request/Work Orders

Providing repairs and maintenance for the residents is one of the primary functions of your property staff. Many hours our spent managing service request paperwork. Keep your maintenance personnel working on completing more service request not managing paperwork.

True Story

I was investigating a resident claim and needed the service request history for a specific unit. The community manager said, "I can’t tell you because the service requests have not been updated and filed by maintenance." The maintenance manager’s desk had 6 months of maintenance service requests that were not updated and filed. Many of them were not legible and I could not tell what repairs were made, when they were made or who made them.


The maintenance manager said, "I just don’t have the time! I am struggling to keep up with the service requests and don’t have the time to manage the paperwork." If I had our service request solutions, I could have completed this part of my investigation using my smart phone without taking more time away from the maintenance staff to look for paperwork.


Our service request solutions will take your maintenance process to a new level and streamline the service to your residents. Submitting and assigning service request is simple and fast. Maintenance and cleaning personnel can manage and complete their service requests using button presses on a phone or mobile device. This keeps your maintenance and cleaning staff moving and productive.

Alerts & Tracking

Our service request solutions include alert and tracking systems. Our smart forms allow the property team to easily search, check status, see history, print, manage, and reassign a service request.



Reports can help identify and analyze trends with units, mechanical issues, and appliance issues. Reports can also assist with measuring the performance of maintenance personnel, implement training programs, identify opportunities for improvement or additional training. Implementing rewards or recognition programs for top performers to boost moral and increase performance can also be achieved by analyzing reports.

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